Animal EFT

Better Owners

Better Owners

Improve Animal Communication With EFT

Improve Animal Communication With EFT

Communication is always a flow of energy and information that is given and received.

EFT can help remove blocks and shields to communicating with animals; it can help you become a better animal communicator.

EFT can also help a traumatised animal heal their communication channels so they can communicate more successfully as well.

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EFT For Animals Who Are Sick Or Suffering

EFT For Animals Who Are Sick Or Suffering

It is hard when our animals are sick or suffering. We can often feel helpless on top of all the other feelings of sadness, anger and fear and stress.

When we do EFT, we do something amazing, and something very real that helps deeply - even if it doesn't cure the illness, it changes the "spirit of the situation" and that makes all the difference both to the animal, as well as the owner.

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EFT For A Sick Cat & Her Owner

EFT For A Sick Cat & Her Owner

Kirsten Ellis writes: I had an interesting foray into animal EFT the other day. Another practitioner in South Africa had asked on her Facebook page if anyone could help her with her cat who has been ill. I decided to put my hand up, thinking a. experience with another Energy healer would be good, and b. I’m a big cat person and, well they speak to me!

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