Animal EFT

EFT For A Sick Cat & Her Owner

by Kirsten Ivatts

EFT For A Sick Cat & Her Owner

Kirsten Ellis writes: I had an interesting foray into animal EFT the other day. Another practitioner in South Africa had asked on her Facebook page if anyone could help her with her cat who has been ill. I decided to put my hand up, thinking a. experience with another Energy healer would be good, and b. I’m a big cat person and, well they speak to me!

The EFT session was done on Skype but I had been given the low down on what had been tried already and the cat's symptoms via email, which were a general decline in health and energy, not eating and weight loss, and so I spent some time before the session tapping EFT on the cat, just to see what would happen.

The cat had already had some distance Reiki (the Reiki Healer had sensed a white mass in the cats intestines), and had started eating. I instantly got the feeling that the cat was stressed out because its humans were stressed out worrying about it, although I felt it had no understanding of why they were stressed.

I began the session by telling the lady what I felt and asking her a few questions. It soon became apparent that she had a big block as she felt guilty for not rushing the cat to the vets, and felt other people would think her cruel, a bad owner, stingy, and on and on.

I explained that I thought that whatever the cats ailment was, it was not able to improve because the energy around it, coming from her and her husband was not flowing. So the cat was unable to heal properly, or even be allowed to pass away (the cat was sixteen), if they couldn’t get their own energy flowing again.

We worked on the guilt, and then another thing came up relating to her mother and how she would have spoken to her daughter in relation to the cat. We cleared that too. And then we worked on the fact that she felt unable to help the cat herself because she was so close to it. I had been asking her if she felt anything in her energy body when she was with the cat or thinking of it, and at first she said no, but after a while she said she realised now that she had a feeling at the top of her stomach.

She knew it related to some anger and resentment and decided to work on that herself. I instantly got the feeling that the cat’s energy body might be picking up on this blockage in its owners system, and she got the same feeling at the same moment.

In the end we didn’t work on the cat, just her. We got her to a stage where she felt that once she had cleared this anger/resentment problem that she could help her cat recover, or at least pass away quickly and comfortably.

This whole session made me very aware of just how sensitive animals are to our own energy bodies, and in fact how aware we really are of them on an energy level if we just take the time to think about it. When our cat meows we usually know what it means. This isn’t because it is reaching into our minds with some great bug furry paw, but in fact our own energy body is linked to the one of the cat. So we ‘know’ when he is hungry because our energy body picks up on it. We do so much with animals without thinking. If we just trained ourselves to be aware we may very easily begin to ‘know’ why they are ill or misbehaving or chewing up the sofa!

At the end of the day we are all connected.

Awareness is the key.


Kirsten Ellis

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  by Kirsten Ivatts

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