Animal EFT

EFT For Animals Who Are Sick Or Suffering

EFT For Animals Who Are Sick Or Suffering

It is hard when our animals are sick or suffering. We can often feel helpless on top of all the other feelings of sadness, anger and fear and stress.

When we do EFT, we do something amazing, and something very real that helps deeply - even if it doesn't cure the illness, it changes the "spirit of the situation" and that makes all the difference both to the animal, as well as the owner.

When Your Animal Friend Has A Problem Or Illness

The first thing we do when an animal is sick or has a behaviour or temperament problem is to simply tap.

There are always significant energy disturbances around these issues, the more we can clear away, the better we and the animal starts to feel, the less the fear and stress, and this always helps for natural systems that try to restore the balance in mind, body and spirit to do the best they can, both for the animal as well as for the human caretaker.

In EFT we say, "Try it on everything!"

Simply take whatever is the problem and put it into an opening statement:

"Even though the vet says Sally has only a week left to live, I deeply and profoundly love and accept Sally."

... for example.

We might not be able to "cure" the illness or save the animal, but we will do something significant on another level, so this is well worth doing if if the situation seems hopeless.

"Even though it is all hopeless, I deeply and profoundly love and accept myself and Sally."

You can tap on global issues, such as "this illness" or on specifics, such as "Sally can't eat properly".

You can also use the proxy tapping as in, "I am Sally. Even though I can't eat properly, I deeply and profoundly love and accept myself."

The golden rule is that whatever is on your mind, whatever worries you, tap on that first.

Then tap on what comes next, and keep going until you can really feel a sense of peace and energy flowing through your mind and body, and you can think clearly again.

Looking After Yourself When You Look After A Sick Animal

It can be very hard on the owner or caretaker of an animal when ...

  • the companion is sick or suffering;
  • the physical attributes of taking care of an ill companion become exhausting
  • behaviour problems cause constant stress, strife and unhappiness
  • problems are long standing or chronic in nature, or cannot ever get any better.

Especially when an animal is living with someone who is a healer, behaviour specialist or supposed to be "an expert" on problems, there can be a feeling of hopelessness and of "somehow having failed in some way" experienced by the owner.

This is a very common problem and is shared by parents of ill or disabled children, too.

EFT and other energy therapies can be a true godsend to alleviate stress and strain for the owner, thus allowing them to be more resourceful, more centered, more grounded and more positive and proactive in their daily dealings with the problems.

A good suggestion for dealing with problems of this nature is to ask, "How do *I* feel about my animal having this problem?"

Answers can vary, from "sad" to "disappointed", from "very angry" to "terribly helpless" and many, many other deep and often desolately destructive emotions.

"Even though I am heartbroken because Sally is not going to get better, I deeply and profoundly love and accept me and Sally."

For the owner to deal with these emotions and to be able to release them is a true gift and can truly help both the owner and their animal, to cope with the circumstances better and to find courage and peace to continue on.

* Tapping is good for you! It increases the energy flow, releases blockages in the energy system that cause painful emotions, stress and disturbed thoughts. Tap on something every day to keep your energy flowing smoothly and yourself in "good spirits".


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