Animal EFT

EFT For Training & Competing With Animals

EFT For Training & Competing With Animals

Training and competing with animals is a high challenge to our skills at communication, but it is also very much a relationships skill set that is involved.

With EFT, we can correct all manner of problems that arise and which get in the way of the close, intuitive and co-operative relationship we need when we want to train our companion animals, and even more so, if we want to compete with them.

Training & Competing With A Companion

Whether it's gymkhanas, competitive obedience, breed showing or show jumping, whenever we endeavor to work as a team with our companions, our own state of mind has EVERYTHING to do with the team's performance.

EFT, for example, can help with basic issues such as ring nerves which accounts for about 75% of all failures and problems during any kind of competition or performance; on a deeper level, it can help with beliefs such as "We'll never be good enough" and "I'm not a winner" and the like, which, if held by the human part of the team, will lead to self sabotage and problems of all kinds.

Like all Meridian Therapies, EFT is also extremely effective to apply to specific problems, be they training or attitude problems.

One lady had given up trying to train her dog not to bark in the garden at night which had brought about complaints from neighbors, but in spite of her best efforts over a period of three years, the dog would still spook at the slightest crackle in the leaves or night noise and start to bark uncontrollably.

She tapped for both the dog, "Even though I'm afraid in the dark" and "If I bark, nothing bad will happen to me," as well as for herself, "Even though I've tried everything to stop her from barking and failed miserably."

Other issues arose along the line, but the dog and the lady both began to relax after just a few applications, and the dog has not barked in the garden at night for a month now - thus approached from both angles, the problem was resolved successfully.

Another lady always found a specific competitive obedience exercise especially stressful, and had no confidence in either her teaching of it, nor the dog's ability to perform it. She tapped herself for, "Even though scent is the most difficult exercise there is" and came upon a memory from many years ago, when she was a beginner, and had been told these very words by her instructor at the time.

Once this was released through the tapping, she became aware of where she had been going wrong all this time, and corrected it. She then tapped the dog by proxy for, "Even though I've been taught the wrong way for three years" and, between the two of them, they recovered their confidence in their respective abilities, their trust in each other, and now the exercise no longer holds any challenges and they have become a truly "winning team".


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